Surrogacy System

UTERUS MEDICAL GROUP was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. With the development of the Thailand medical system and the growing international reputation, it focuses on the UTERUS of reproductive assisted services, and extends its branches to Beijing, Xi'an, Changsha, the Kampuchea, the Oregon and other places in Oregon.UTERUS MEDICAL GROUP has established a cooperative relationship with multiple reproductive specialist hospitals across the continent except Africa, with nearly 1000 successful IVF cycles each year, and more than 1500 UTERUS babies have been born. For more than 3000 infertility families, the U&L travel donation system is the largest Asian egg and sperm donor travel donation system in Asia, CO created by UTERUS MEDICAL GROUP and the head of the senior information base of Southeast Asia, in Asia, with a registration information of more than 1000 people, and the high incidence of infertility worldwide in various countries. The present situation of low fertility; the scarcity of high quality donors and the strict regulation of local laws and regulations; flexible travel donation system is the best solution to solve the problem of donor; based on the strict screening system of UTERUS MEDICAL GROUP and detailed donation history, travel donation can provide not only a flexible interview program, but also the guarantee of donation results.

Uterus Medical has a huge surrogacy candidate team with a total amount of up to more than 300 people. Uterus has initiatively created the "rotate candidate system", and clients are not assigned a fixed surrogate mother or need to sign the agreement with a surrogate mother, thus it can avoid invalidity after selection or trouble of changing surrogate mothers due to physical reasons. Only if surrogate mothers’ physical examinations are qualified, clients are to determine which surrogate mothers to use after 7-10 days. And in the case of embryo transplant failure, clients can change different surrogate mothers free of charge. This system greatly improves the speed of operation and makes the client quickly get fertilized.