Is travel donation by U&T donation system available anywhere in the world?
No, it isn't. The U&T donation system is primarily concerned with the health and safety of donors. The U&T donation system will first examine the safety and security situation of the destination, evaluate the normalization of the target hospital, and evaluate the acceptance of this demand by a comprehensive assessment.

How do I get in touch with the U&T donation system?
You can send email to operator@lisheuterus.com / eric_yan@lisheuterus.com or call us at +66 863001492 (Thailand) / +86 29 81542578 (China) for assistance. You can also leave your mailbox at the website message office: (the message office needs a waking control). Our consultant will take the initiative to contact you.

Is it possible to automatically book a donor through a web site?
I am sorry that the entry process of the destination is very complex because of the donor's donation situation and personal will, and the donor is voluntary and can be cancelled at any time. Therefore, every travel donation needs international coordination and service, and it can not provide intelligent service and matching automatically.

Do I need to pay for the earlier period of the consultation?
You do not have to pay for the early stage of the consultation; for each person in demand, the coordinator of the U&T donation system will first set up files and evaluate the destination and destination hospital for the demand person; after confirming the file information, the U&T donation system will open the database of the U&T donation system to the person in demand; and the donor will be able to make sure that the donor can be in the near future. There is no need to pay any travel expenses before the trip.

After the international coordinator quotes your destination, how can I pay in installments?
A travel donation contract is usually paid in three times. After confirmation of the feasibility of the donor and destination, the international Coordinator will make the quotation and signing agreement. On the date of signing the agreement, you will pay 10% of the cost of the agreement to carry out the donor's lock and carry out the inspection of the various items; before giving the destination to the destination, you will pay 40% of the amount of the agreement due to the medical expenses; after the destination, you will pay the surplus before the actual donation; the specific details will be root. Depending on your donation needs, you can contact the international coordinator.

What is the U&T donation system? An agency or a clinic?
The U&T donation system is a donor management organization co built by LEO.LI international medical group and senior industry information base expert; the Li she international medical group has a cell treatment clinic, a medical management team, a nurse school in Bangkok, a baby care center in China, a translation center and a cell therapy research center in China. In the United States, it owns the research and development of stem cells for stem cell therapy and the management of the proxies of pregnant women in the United States; LEO.LI manages a huge donor system and a frozen egg bank and a sperm bank in Bangkok, Thailand. The U& donation system is a product of the strong alliance between the two sides.